Building & Growing: Learning to Spread Your Wings

It’s been a while since my last post and I promise I haven’t forgotten about my blog. God has been shifting and moving me in an unfamiliar direction and while change can be really good, it may not always be expected or comfortable. In my last post I spoke about moving in a New Direction and man oh man, God has truly been showing out.

During my journey of self-discovery and coaching others, I realized that self-care was an important piece that many women tended to shy away from. For years I believed that self-care equaled selfishness and that just isn’t the case. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

In Mark 12:31, Jesus tells us that we should:

“Love others in the same way you love yourself.” There are no commandments more important than these.

God wants us to love ourselves, imperfections and all. Does that mean you should stay stagnant? Absolutely not. As we grow in God, we must also grow in other areas of our lives.

So, as an extension to sharing my message of overcoming and faith, Love Thy S.E.L.F (She who is Excelling in Self-love & Faith) was birthed. Love Thy S.E.L.F Co., is a marketplace that provides all-natural, cruelty-free, skincare and home good products to women all over the world. I’m excited to be able to further share my journey with you and even more excited to see what else Father God has in store.

To learn more about Love Thy S.E.L.F Co., go to

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Love God, Love Yourself, Love Others

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