3 Life Lessons On Being Bolder In Life

Back in February I shared a revelation I’d received in the post,  Be Bolder.  In this post, I spoke about how I was directed to Be Bolder in my faith walk and in my testimony on the goodness of God.  God spoke these words into my spirit because over the past few years I had become pretty passive, and in this new season I am walking into being passive, shy or reserved wasn’t going to cut it. I had no clue that the word that was given would turn out to be a huge life lesson and cause a major shift in my life this week. While I’m not an overly emotional person, I don’t cry or anger easily, no matter where you are in life, life has a way of trying to break even the strongest person down. And the past few days has brought a very painful situation to light. Going through this situation left me hurt, angry and disappointed. But being bolder literally saved me from walking down a very destructive path. Even though the lesson was a painful one, it opened my eyes to a lot of things, and I learned three valuable life lessons on why you should be bolder in life.

1. When God Places Something in Your Spirit Listen – In the South, we have an old saying, ” A hard-head makes a soft behind”. If God gives a warning listen, if he says stop, stop. If you’re unsure of your next move is, pray and ask for direction. If you are supposed to tell someone something, tell them. Don’t hold what was told to you until you feel like the time is right. If you’re supposed to walk away from people, walk away. If he says walk towards someone, don’t be afraid. Be Bolder in the directions that he’s given you.

2. Divine Connections Are Placed In Your Path To Help You Succeed – Surround yourself with people who speak positivity into your life. People who will pray for you and listen without judgment. Thankfully throughout my situation, I had the support of my family and friends, who in the moments where I lost sight of the bigger picture were able in love and sternness to remind me of who I was, where I’m going, and that the cost of the path that I’m on isn’t free. Be Bolder with the divine connections God has provided on your journey.

3. You Should Be Bold In Your Convictions – “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. If you are standing firm and strong on something, don’t back down because others don’t place value in that same area or thing. Any kind of unequally yoked partnership or relationship whether it be personal or business will not work. If they don’t agree, it’s their loss. Be Bolder in your beliefs no matter what and continue to press in.

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Life Sometimes Knocks Us Down. But, That Doesn’t Mean It’s Knocked Us Out!

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